server racks

Server Racks

combination of the modernity with classic.


size 30U - S1509 30U - S1510 30U - S151A : H.1530 x W.600 x D.900mm : H.1530 x W.600 x D.1066mm : H.1530 x W.600 x D.1150mm
size 42U - S2009 42U - S2010 42U - S2011 : H.2065 x W.600 x D.900mm : H.2065 x W.600 x D.1066mm : H.2065 x W.600 x D.1150mm
material Cold Rooled Steel Sheet (JIS-SPCC-G.3141)
plate thickness 1.2 - 2.0 mm
glass thickness 5 mm
painting Degreasing, Phospating, Rust Protection, Finishing, Powderr Coating
construction Front Door with tempered glass with Handle + Keylock, Rear Door with Keylock, 2 pcs Side Panel with Keylock, 4 pcs Ventilation, Horizontal Power Distribution Panel 8 Output, 50 pcs Cage Nut + M6 Screw, 4 pcs Castor, 4 Adjustable Leg