Alba Fire Door

Alba Fire Door is the best choice for fire-resistant doors in all types of buildings that require fire protection. Specially designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke inside buildings. This door can maintain safety and minimize damage to a building. These doors can also help to limit damage to certain parts of your building, allowing you to remain operational even if a fire occurs.

Alba Fire Door is made from high-quality materials for maximum fire protection:
1. Steel Plate is made from low-carbon steel which has heat-resistant and non-flammable properties.
2. Insulated Rockwool is made from mineral fibre and has a density of 100 – 120 kg/m3. Rockwool is heat-resistant and non-flammable. This Rockwool will help prevent the spread of fire and smoke, as well as absorb heat.
3. Hinges or hinges are made of strong and durable material so they can withstand heavy door loads.
4. Vision Wire glass or the hole in the door is made of steel wire with a glass thickness of 6.0 mm.

The best choice of fireproof doors with various advantages of Alba Fire Door:
1. Extra protection: Alba Fire Door (Double) can withstand fire for up to 120 minutes.
2. Panic exit feature: Allows the door to be opened from the inside easily in an emergency.
3. Elegant and modern design: Adapts to the aesthetics of the building without reducing its function.
4. Custom sizes and colours: Adapted to the needs and door specifications of each building.
5. Finishing Options: There is a first finish option, namely Duco or spraying liquid paint on site and the second is Powder Coating.


description Alba Fire Door, is a standard fire-resistant door product that has been designed for use in buildings and factories. With flexible sizes and colors according to needs.
Suitable for Industry, buildings, apartments, hotels, hospitals, stadiums, malls and others.
details Construction Frame material mild steel cold roll SPCC thickness min 2.0 - 3.0mm Flush Fram Profile Dimension Range 110 - 150mm. Double plate door construction, thickness 55-65 mm, material Mild Steel Cold Roll SPCC 1.5 - 2.0mm.
double fire Door H. 2100 - 2500 x W. 1400 - 2400 x D. 110 - 150 MM
single fire Door H. 2100 - 2400 x W. 800 - 1200 x D. 110 - 150 MM